24th International Exhibition on Food, Ingredients and Food Technologies - UzFood 2025

8 - 10 April 2025, Uzexpocentre NEC

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The future of the food market at the stands of UzFood 2022

The future of the food market at the stands of UzFood 2022

The 21st International Exhibition "Food, Ingredients and Food Technologies - UzFood 2022" will be held from March 29 to March 31 at the Uzexpocentre NEC. The exposition will unfold in two central pavilions (No. 1 and 2), as well as in the Atrium Hall of the exhibition complex

UzFood is an effective business platform that has been the best platform in Uzbekistan for over two decades to demonstrate a wide range of food and drinks, the latest technologies in the food and processing industry, packaging and storage of finished products. The role of the exhibition is also evidenced by the appraisals of specialists, for whom UzFood is an indicator reflecting the latest trends, the results of ongoing reforms and the achievements of the industry as a whole.

The food industry of Uzbekistan, as one of the priority sectors of the economy, whose share in GDP is 13 per cent, is constantly given special attention by the state. The number of enterprises in the industry is increasing every year, which indicates the dynamism of its development. Uzbekistan is one of the few countries that did not restrict trade in food products during the COVID-19 pandemic and the growth in production of this industry increased even compared to previous years.

Over 140 companies from 25 countries of the world will present their products at the exhibition: Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, the Republic of Korea, Lithuania, the Netherlands, UAE, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA, Turkey, Uzbekistan, France, Switzerland and Sri Lanka.

The exposition will be represented by the following sections: food, drinks, ingredients, food equipment and packaging.

This year, a wide range of equipment will be presented: for baking, freezing and proofing bakery products for both small bakeries and large bakeries, meat processing machines, equipment for milk processing, juice production, yogurt, packaging and labeling equipment, bottling and packaging of food and non-food liquid products, equipment for frying sunflower seeds, nuts, snacks and many more..

The attention of visitors will also be drawn to a variety of finished products, namely: additives and ingredients, dairy products, milk powder, butter, pasta, fish products, seafood, juices, nectars, fruit drinks, meat products, semi-finished products, olives, olive oil, cereals, confectionery, tea and coffee.

Among foreign countries, it should be noted the wide participation of Turkish manufacturers at the exhibition. This year, Turkey is represented by 40 companies that will demonstrate the latest developments in the field of food production.

Also, undoubtedly, the collective stands of the Republic of Belarus and Germany will attract the attention of visitors.

The Republic of Belarus will be represented by 18 companies, including "Molochnyy gostinetst", Slonim Meat Processing Plant, "Bellakt", Ashmyany Cheese Factory, Grodno Meat Processing Plant and other enterprises that will present dairy and meat products, confectionery and semi-finished products. It is worth noting the participation of "Belgospishcheprom", which will represent 40 enterprises of the food industry, including manufacturers of sugar, confectionery, fat-and-oil, liquor, and brewing industries.

Germany (13 companies) will present baking equipment, food equipment and packaging solutions, meat processing equipment, food drying equipment, turnkey construction and equipping of fruit and vegetable warehouses, wholesale markets, logistics centres, packaging machines for production bags, heat treatment for food products, confectionery equipment and packaging

The companies of the Russian Federation will also be represented by collective stands of the Moscow, Omsk, Kaliningrad, Penza Regions and the Altai Krai. At their stands, it will be possible to get acquainted with food, food equipment, drinks and packaging solutions.

Among the debutants of the exhibition: FUTURA (Italy) - processing of vegetables and fruits; LV PRODUCT (Russia) - additives for the food industry; FLARUS (Belgium) - processing of fruits and vegetables, dairy equipment; CAOTECH (Netherlands) - confectionery equipment; ABANT MAKINA (Turkey) - packaging and labeling equipment; EGLI (Switzerland) - equipment for processing butter, margarine and spreads.

Regular participants: EVA’S WALK (Greece) - olives, olive oil; MIRATORG (Russia) - meat products, semi-finished products; 7 UTRA (Russia) - dairy products, cheeses, curds; BLAGO (Russia) - sunflower oils; USMEF (USA) - meat; NIKOS HRANENGINEERING (Bulgaria) - dairy equipment; KROMEL (Turkey) - equipment for the production of dairy products and cheeses; MULTIVAC PACKAGING (Uzbekistan) - packaging equipment; VOSKHOD (Russia) - bakery and confectionery equipment.

It is important to note the participation of domestic exporting companies that will present confectionery, dried fruits, drinks, snack products, food ingredients and flavors, dairy products, packaging equipment, ingredients, meat processing equipment, flooring for food production: AROMA CLASSIC, ЕРМАК, ETC U-STAN, EUROSNAB TASHKENT / ORGANIC FOOD, TM CHEMISTRY.UZ, MULTIVAC PACKAGING, CANDY HOLDING.

Only within the framework of the UzFood exhibition, the only specialised platform in Uzbekistan, the Retail Centre, is annually organised for meetings of food suppliers with buyers, where direct negotiations will take place, during which food producers will have the opportunity not only to present new products to their partners, but also will be able to discuss the issues of their delivery directly to the places of their implementation.

Date: March 30, 2022, 10:00-15:00, venue: Congress Hall, Uzexpocentre.

This year, 15 retailers will take part in the Retail Centre: Korzinka.uz, Makro Supermarket, Carrefour, Baraka Market, Havas, Tiin Ulgurji Market, Green Apple Market, Bob’s Market, Farovon.uz, Butcoin, The Mart, Biorganic Store, Fix price, bi1, Dobrotsen, as well as 41 food/beverage manufacturing companies.

Official support was provided by:

·         The Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan

·         The "O`zbekoziqovqatzaxira" Association

·        The Agency for Regulation of Alcohol and Tobacco Market and Winemaking Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan

·         The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan

Organisational support: Uzexpocentre NEC JSC

General media partner: National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan (NTRC)


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